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Pay Day

I finally received my first pay check as a doctor and boy does it feel good! And before anyone accuses me of doing medicine for the wrong reason, YES – I did it for the money all along. Now I can finally buy myself a big house, fancy cars, a

Choosing a Medical Specialty Round Two

Choosing a Medical Specialty in Internal Medicine One good (and bad) thing about choosing a residency in internal medicine is that you have choices. Just like in medical school, I often get asked about what kind of a doctor I would like to be in the future. Preceptors want to

When You Don’t Know

There are many incidences in medicine where we don’t have answers. As a new resident, there’s an awful amount of medical knowledge I do not know. I try to learn something each day and have a schedule for my readings. Yet the amount I don’t know is still terrifying. But

Countdown to Residency

Residency is just around the corner. I wrote last year how July 1st was one of the most dangerous times of the year in the hospital. It’s hard to believe that I might be that rookie doctor who might make that fatal mistake. I’ve pulled out my textbooks and I

LMCC MCCQE Part I Scores

I usually don’t like sharing my exam results but I thought my MCCQE Part I results were really interesting and worth sharing. To understand how the Medical Council of Canada scores Part I, you should take a look at their Scoring FAQ. Overall, I am very happy with my results.

The Successful Match – Book Review

I finally had the time to review The Successful Match – 200 Rules to Succeed in the Residency Match by Dr. Samir P. Desai and Dr. Rajani Katta. One of the biggest stressors of medical school is deciding on a specialty and matching to a residency. If you thought the


I’m sitting here in an empty room searching for words to describe the last four years of my life in medical school. My bags are packed, my goodbyes have been said and I’m heading to a new place once again. I didn’t realize how happy and sad I would be

Three Year vs Four Year Medical School Programs

A friend recently asked me for some input regarding 3 year vs 4 year medical school programs. She was fortunate enough to have received several medical school acceptances and wanted to know the differences between the lengths of schooling. Currently in Canada, most medical schools are four year programs. Only McMaster

The Case for Digital Notes

Officially done medical school! And if studying for the LMCC last week taught me anything, it’s the importance if having a learning system in place. I’m now doing my big academic purge in preparation for residency. I almost feel guilty for throwing out so much stuff. There are binders and binders full

Learning Smarter and Better in Medical School

To study the phenomenon of disease without books is to sail an uncharted sea, while to study books without patients is not to go to sea at all – William Osler Medical School – One Last Exam Fourth year is flying by fast and I’m in the final stretch before