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Recharging on Call

I’m on call and my pager has finally decided to quiet down for an hour (fingers crossed). My phone’s battery life is at 24%. It’s time for a recharge. I find an outlet to plug in my phone, and for the next while I recharge myself too. I kick off


You would think being on call for the last two and a half years would make this easier, a little more tolerable. Especially after doing 1 in 4 nights for the last six months, I should be used to it. Yet here I am again, getting this sense of anxiety

Deciding on a CaRMS Residency Rank List

I have been chatting with some friends who are going through CaRMS residency match. They’ve finished interviewing at various programs and now they are in the process of coming up with a Rank List. In short, your rank list is the order of programs where you would like to do

Taking Ownership of Your Patients

In many ways, residency is not too different clerkship. You rotate through different specialties, you try to learn how to take care of patients from your teachers. Sometimes, I feel like I knew more medical knowledge when I was a medical student than I do now. During clerkship, I saw

CaRMS Tour – Finding the Right Fit

To all the final year medical students around the country, I wish you all safe travels and great memories during your residency interview tour. Recently, I was talking to a few students who were going through the process. There is always a lot of stress and anxiety involved – What

Becoming a Craftsman

I just finished watching this inspiring documentary named Jiro Dreams of Sushi recommended by Daniel Pink. It documents master chef Jiro’s obsession with sushi and how he often makes sushi even in his dreams. Relating back to residency, the last four months have been a tremendous period of growth for

Tales From the Call Room – The Pager

On those rare call nights when things are quiet on the wards, I often find it hard to sleep soundly. The reason is because there is a big elephant in the room – the pager. The pager is your electronic leash. You learn to hate the pager and you learn

So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Book Review

Readers of this blog may know that I am a long-time reader of the Study Hacks blog by Cal Newport. In fact, a lot of Cal’s posts and books are very insightful and have changed how I approach studying. I would like to think I am a more efficient and

The Death of Blogging

I started reading medical blogs during my premed years. I was originally fascinated by the stories and experiences of medical students, residents and practicing physicians. During this time there were a few blogs I became quite emotionally invested in. Everyday, I would anxiously await new posts to be updated as

How to Excel and be a Superstar During Your Clerkship Electives

It’s that time of the year when medical students across the country are doing “audition” medical electives. I still remember my medical electives and how I tried to make a good impression and get a great reference letter. Elective time can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. With