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3 Interview Questions You Must Prepare For

On top of knowing your residency application in and out, there are three questions that you must prepare for before all your residency interviews. These three questions require some thought and time. You need to do your research and if you answer too vaguely, you will harm your chances. The

A Collection of Medical School and Residency Interview Tips and Advice

Over the next few weeks, I am making it a goal to write down all the interview tips and advice I have gained over the last few years. There are lots of resources out there on how to ace an interview, books, websites, medical students, residents and even personal coaching.

A Different Rank and Match List

Today, I can basically celebrate the end of CaRMS. My rank order list was submitted today and all I can do is to wait for Match Day on March 6th. Speaking of creating a match list, NYT had a great article on a national kidney transplant registry and how they

How to Pack and Travel with a Suit

There are very few things you need to bring with you during your medical residency interviews. Your interview clothes – suits (for males), however is the one key thing to bring. I found it interesting during the interview tour to see how people transported their suits without getting it wrinkled.

Post-CaRMS Thoughts – Choosing a Medical Specialty

So marks the end of the CaRMS interview tour for 2012. Overall, it went a lot smoother than I expected. Flights were on time, accommodations were nice and interviews were not as stressful as I thought they would be. Next up, figuring out my rank order list. For those of

Halfway Done Residency Interviews

Today, marked the midpoint of my residency interviews. It’s been a pretty good CaRMS tour so far. I had many chances to meet up with old friends across different Canadian cities and I have also managed to make sure my wallet has not been bleeding out…too much. There is so

The CaRMS Tour

Starting this weekend, I begin my cross Canada CaRMS tour. It is an understatement to say I am feeling more stressed than usual. 7810 km 10 Residency Programs 6 Cities 2 Specialties (IM, FM) 1 Match (hopefully) I’m pretty happy about the number of programs I have received interviews for.

Post CaRMS Application Tips

And I’m back! I’ve been busy completing my applications for the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) Having survived the CaRMS 2011 Application Submission Deadline, I was going to share some of the lessons I’ve learned from this stressful experience. Overall, I think I did most things well but could have