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Premed Exploitation

Inspired by the incredible amount of students lining up outside the science library this morning (A Sunday!) as they waited for the library doors to open. It’s been a while since I have been a pre-med, almost three years to the date. It’s strange how fast you forget sometimes. Looking

Tricks for Waking Up #8

Final tip: Get more sleep! It’s not really a trick or tip but getting more sleep is the real solution to feeling alert in the morning. As a medical student and eventually resident, I’m will have many nights where I won’t have a good night’s sleep. Even now, there are

Too Tired to Post Today

There are some days where you feel on top of the world. You end up working 16-18 hours, you get into the groove, you feel like you know something and all that hard work is paying off. Than you realize that you have to be back at work in 6

The Long Road to Becoming a Doctor

There’s no shortcut to becoming a doctor. There are ways where you can shave a year or two here or there. You might apply to a combined 6-7 year BA/MD program in the states. You can save a year if you apply abroad (either in the UK, Ireland, Australia, etc)

Case Files Internal Medicine

As some of you may know, I’m hoping to apply to a Internal Medicine residency for Carms next year. I have several electives all lined up in various specialties and different schools. To prepare, I’ve been going over several resources and I would just like to do a quick review

Clerkship Year

It’s shocking how much you change as person in your first clinical year. For the most part, the first two years of medical school is a continuation of your undergrad class experience. You may learn more knowledge at a quicker pace, but the format remains the same. You study for

Less than a Year

The CARMs Match day was just this Monday… which means in about a year’s time, it’ll be my turn. It frightens and stresses me out. It seems like there’s still so much to learn and do. I feel the pressure to start “playing the game” by showing my face to

Toronto Notes – Text Review

Over the family day long weekend, I got a little break from the day in day out stresses of clerkship. Anyways, I just want to put out a big plug for one of my favorite resources of all-time. TORONTO NOTES ( I heard of this volumous text even in my

Good Page Bad Page

Good page: Mrs A. needs a coumadin order. Easy fix. Look at her INR, look at what she’s been getting the last few days, prescribe a dosage and you’re done. Bad page: Mrs A’s heart rate is 130 bpm and we don’t know why… Her last INR was 5.0 Good

Tricks for Waking Up #7

You can never trust yourself when you’re half asleep. Tip #7: Leave a reminder for yourself A simple note reminding you of the chores you have to do before you leave the house, or important things happening that day will motivate you to get out of bed. If I have