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When your days become all work and no play,  your morale and enthusiasm quickly plummets. I’m currently stuck in one of those ruts where you have disdain for everything – rounding, answering pages, being in the hospital.You begin to wonder why anyone would subject themselves to this kind of a

What should you do the Summer Before Starting Medical School

Dear Medaholic, I am starting medical school this fall and was wondering what advice you could give me on how to best prepare for medical school? Sincerely, Medical Student (Year 0, Class of 20XX) How Can You Best Prepare for Medical School? I have previously written that Nothing Can Prepare

Grand Rounds – Medical Blogosphere

I’ve been featured in this week’s Grand Rounds over at Health Business Blog (re: Golden Weekends) If you’ve never heard of grand rounds before, it’s a weekly round up of the best medical/health  themed posts and writing in the blogosphere. To check out the schedule for the next Grand Rounds,

Golden Weekend

There is a term coined by medical residents known as the Golden Weekend. It refers to a weekend when a resident is not on call and where you are not expected to be working. A weekend where you get Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday off. In other words, a Golden


I received this in my inbox a few days ago and it definitely brought a smile to my face. Hey medaholic, I just wanted to give you some feedback and let you know how much I have enjoyed your blog. I first started reading it over a year ago when

Use Dropbox – No more USB Keys Needed!

If you are not already using dropbox, I will try to convince you that you should get this program/service today! I’ve been using it in the last year and it has totally changed how I store files on the “cloud”. Plus if you sign up using my referral link, both

Top 10 iPhone Apps Every Medical Student Must Have

Updated: Nov 2014 If there’s one medical tool I use all the time when I’m on the wards, it’s my smartphone (iPhone). In fact, from personal experience, over 80-90% of my classmates, residents and staff physicians a smartphone daily. The reason why is more and more of our work is

ER Shifts

Haven’t been able to get into a posting routine this week. ER shifts requires you to work all sorts of odd hours and you’re pretty exhausted by the pace of it after you’re done. You try to sleep at strange hours but never feel truly rested, because you know the

Physician Hypocrisy

In cardiology we know that there are several risk factors for developing cardiac heart disease: (1) Age (2) Gender (3) Family History (4) Hypertension (5) Smoking (6) Hypertension (7) Diabetes (8) Dyslipidemia. Age, Gender and Family History are non-modifiable risk factors, things we cannot change. The rest we can do

The Velluvial Matrix

This commencement speech by Atul Gawande at Stanford has been making it’s way around the internet. I enjoyed reading it and it made me think about my future in medicine. Just a sample below. You come into medicine and science at a time of radical transition. You have met the