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Clean Hands

Washing your hands. Despite all our knowledge and advances in infectious disease control, there are few things as simple and effective as cleaning your hands between patient encounters. However, lots of people still don’t wash their hands correctly. They might not have the right technique, not spend a long enough

The Shortlist – Year Three

At the end of my first year of medical, I made a shortlist (year 1) of specialties I was considering. At the end of second year, I made another list (year 2) of specialties I was thinking of doing. Now, after finishing my third year and more importantly the clerkship

Closing Time

At last, my surgery rotation is coming to an end. One of the surgeons played Closing Time by Semisonic as we were finishing the case today [the last step of an operation is usually closing up the incision], and I thought the lyrics were really fitting to the OR and

When I Knew I Wanted to Do Medicine

When did you know you wanted to become a doctor? Physician Family I was born into a physician family. My dad is a medical doctor, and grandfather was a doctor, and my maternal great-grandfather also happened to be a medical doctor. My earliest impression of doctors was they “helped” people

15 Things About Surgery

15 quick thoughts from my Surgery rotation 5 Good Things You can Make a Difference – You (surgery) are the intervention. A chance to cut is a chance to cure. You can heal with cold steel. Operations can make a big difference in patient’s lives immediately. No Need to Dress

The Rules of Surgery

There are some basic commandments that have been passed down to every surgical staff, resident and student. Eat when you can eat Sleep when you can sleep Read when you can read Shit when you can shit Go home when you can go home Don’t stand when you can sit

When I Become an Attending…

Based on the many observations and interactions with staff / attending / chief residents / consultant doctors during clerkship year. A list of do’s and don’ts I will try to follow one day… Hopefully I’ll look back at this post when I’m finished all the training and find it useful.

Grand Rounds with Cartoon Doc

Just a quick link back that the Medical Blogging Grand Rounds this week is hosted by Fizzy from Cartoon Doc. Her cartoons are awesome and I’m sure you can relate to them more than you think. Grand rounds this week is on the topic of medical training, lots of great

July 1st

Today is July 1st. Other than it being Canada Day, July 1st is probably the worst day to be admitted to a hospital. You see, on July 1st every year, recently graduated medical students start their residency.These are the most junior of junior doctors. For almost all of them, it

25 Tricks to Remembering Names

Being good with names is a skill everyone can benefit from. It makes meeting new friends easier, socializing smoother and people will respect you. As Dale Carnegie puts it, “a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” We want doctors to care