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Medical School Parties and Medical Student Partyers

Along with the first few classes of medical school are the medical school parties. These social events mainly for classmates to know each other also act as a way to relieve some stress and have some fun before the serious business begins. Over the past weeks, I’ve observed that medical

First Week of Medical School

The first week of medical school has been quite an experience like no other. I am at a lost for words to describe it, so instead I will use numbers and statistics to best capture my feelings. Number of applicants: 1388 Applicants Interviewed: 451 Total Positions Available: 150 Final class

First Day of Medical School

Today was the first “official” day of medical school. I got to meet a few more of my classmates, the names and faces are still not sticking. I might have to go study facebook to remember them. One thing different from undergrad and medical school is the talent of the

The Value and Importance of Writing

Most science and engineering students I know went into their respective fields to avoid writing. I was also like them. I disliked writing essays in high school and left assignments until the night before to do. I despised it. I avoided it. Every time I sat in front of a

No Chance for Med School?

The ultimate pre-med question is what are my chances for med school? We all want to know if we have a fighting chance. We want to make our application as competitive as possible, get the highest grades, destroy the MCAT, do all the right activities, kiss all the right ass.

"Congratulations! We are pleased to … offer a position to the MD program"

There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it. – Oscar Wilde Everyone reacts to medical school acceptances differently. My parents were overjoyed, smiling and dancing when they first heard I was accepted. My siblings reacted loudly too. My

What are my Chances for getting into Medical School? – A Simple Guide

To help answer all these future questions concerning competitiveness and chances, I have created a medical school admissions flow chart that will help you solve this problem. I present you the official guide to determining and assuring your chances for medical school. I originally created this flow chart for a