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First Week of Medical School

The first week of medical school has been quite an experience like no other. I am at a lost for words to describe it, so instead I will use numbers and statistics to best capture my feelings.

Number of applicants: 1388
Applicants Interviewed: 451
Total Positions Available: 150
Final class size: 150

Mean GPA of entering class: 3.8
Mean MCAT score for each section: 11
Mean Writing Sample: Q

Number of students with a BSc or BA: 117
Number of students with a Masters: 7

Number of students with a PhD: 3

Number of students with an B.Eng: 2
Number of students with a Theology Degree:1
Number of students with incomplete degrees: 11
Number of students with an M.D: 150 hopeful


The Value and Importance of Writing


Most science and engineering students I know went into their respective fields to avoid writing. I was also like them. I disliked writing essays in high school and left assignments until the night before to do. I despised it. I avoided it. Every time I sat in front of a blank document, the words wouldn’t come. I hated writing.

However, the more I continue in life, the more I realize that writing an essential skill you MUST have. Even in the realm of science, people write lab reports, scientific articles and educational material. Doctors spend a good portion of their day writing, dictating, and recording patient information. Effective writing is an absolute must for clear communication.

Though writing is easier to do today then ever, with word processors and online blogs, writing is still hard. Even the best writers are without words at times. Writing is at the top of the language skills domain. When we are babies, we only know how to hear and eventually listen to words. As we grow up, we begin to pronounce words and form sentences and a little afterwards, we are able to recognize letters and read books. At the top of this hierarchy is writing. Before we are able to communicate what we want to say in writing, we must learn a whole assortment of skills and tricks such as spelling, punctuation and grammar. Even when we have these basic mechanics down, you encounter tenses, vocabulary and diction. Representing an idea with clarity becomes a carefully coordinated task.

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"Congratulations! We are pleased to … offer a position to the MD program"

There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it. – Oscar Wilde

Everyone reacts to medical school acceptances differently. My parents were overjoyed, smiling and dancing when they first heard I was accepted. My siblings reacted loudly too. My sister was at the library when she found out and she later told me she made such a racket that the librarian threatened to kick her out.

I had friends who wanted to celebrate with me and friends that were sad because I was leaving them. I heard praises of, “you must be so smart to get into x school” and criticism such as, “I heard x school is easy to get into.”  A lot of people swore at me, “HOLY SHIT, I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GOT IN” and with words like, “SON OF A BITCH, I wish I was in your shoes.” I had friends who did not know I was applying to medical school , and even stranger, some relatives who had thought I was already in medical school.

As for me, when I read those words in the title of this post, I went through so many different emotions.