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Not Dead But Sleep Deprived

Sorry guys, rotations + sleep + finding time for a life outside of medicine comes first. No scheduled posts for a few weeks, not until all these electives are done and I’m back on an easier service. Really wanted to write a new series of post of clinical clerk tips!

Clean Hands

Washing your hands. Despite all our knowledge and advances in infectious disease control, there are few things as simple and effective as cleaning your hands between patient encounters. However, lots of people still don’t wash their hands correctly. They might not have the right technique, not spend a long enough

ER Shifts

Haven’t been able to get into a posting routine this week. ER shifts requires you to work all sorts of odd hours and you’re pretty exhausted by the pace of it after you’re done. You try to sleep at strange hours but never feel truly rested, because you know the

Too Tired to Post Today

There are some days where you feel on top of the world. You end up working 16-18 hours, you get into the groove, you feel like you know something and all that hard work is paying off. Than you realize that you have to be back at work in 6


Half the battle in clerkship is having the endurance to finish. I just spent my last 30 hours in the hospital. I was on call the night before but our team was short staffed so I worked today too. Some may disagree and say that you should go home once

Textbook Review – First Aid for the Wards

I’m currently in the thick of the overwhelming rotation that is internal medicine (IM). Although the work hours are more reasonable than surgical specialties, what IM lacks in work houts it makes up in knowledge needed. It’s the equivalent of the knowledge of my the last two years, every last

Clinical Knowledge

Developing clinical judgment is a process that takes years of learning and experience. I am approaching the 4 month mark in my clerkship year and things are starting to make a lot more sense. As more and more of the knowledge I learned in the first two years is translated