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Toronto Notes – Text Review

Over the family day long weekend, I got a little break from the day in day out stresses of clerkship. Anyways, I just want to put out a big plug for one of my favorite resources of all-time. TORONTO NOTES ( I heard of this volumous text even in my

The Essential Pocketbook for Medicine

Anyone who has ever been on a medicine rotation in a hospital book must have surely noticed the little Red Pocket Medicine Book, which in its newest version is actually now a Green Book, published by the Massachusetts General Hospital and Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. This concise, pocket size (perfect

The Truth about Medical School Textbooks

I’m going to start a new series of posts called “Top 10” and they will be around various topics/things I wish I had known earlier, or just a random list of top ten things. These are just random thoughts and pearls I wish I could have passed on to my

Textbook Review – First Aid for the Wards

I’m currently in the thick of the overwhelming rotation that is internal medicine (IM). Although the work hours are more reasonable than surgical specialties, what IM lacks in work houts it makes up in knowledge needed. It’s the equivalent of the knowledge of my the last two years, every last