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Adcom Advice #2 – Be Relevant, Specific and Concise

When going through applications, nothing ruins a good application faster than ambiguous writing. Unclear statements make it hard for adcoms to review your application objectively and when in doubt, adcoms will tend to give lower scores as a precaution. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that your application provides the most

Adcom Advice #1 – Don't Lie

If there is one cardinal sin of applications, it is lying (false information, overexaggerate, half-truths) Nothing gets your application thrown out faster than lying: about your qualifications, extracurricular activities, personal achievements. There are no benefits from lying on your medical school application. It is dishonest and unforgiveable in the eyes

Adcom Advice – Series

I am starting a new series titled: “Adcom Advice.” This year, I am sitting as a student rep in my school’s admission committee. Looking back on my own application, there were so many things I could have done to make my application better. I was lucky to inadvertently avoid the

The Sorting Hat of Medical School

It’s always strange to see things from a different perspective. Especially if sitting in front of you is 1 Dean of Medicine 4 Administrative Staff 5 Medical Students 3 Faculty Members 8 Practicing Physicians 1 Dean of Science Dear Readers, I successfully infiltrated medical school’s mystery black box. I have

What Extracurricular Activities Should I Do?

The typical pre-med day involves studying, getting good grades, making connections with professors, and doing amazing extracurricular activities that will somehow separate you from all the other medical school applicants. This naturally leads to the question, which extracurricular activities will increase my chances to get into medical school? You might

The Value and Importance of Writing

Most science and engineering students I know went into their respective fields to avoid writing. I was also like them. I disliked writing essays in high school and left assignments until the night before to do. I despised it. I avoided it. Every time I sat in front of a

Should I Retake the MCAT? (A Guide to your MCAT Score)

After every year’s MCAT score release date, the question of whether one should rewrite the MCAT comes up or what can I do with this (insert number+letter here). This question is so common that several forums are dedicated to answering this question including one for Canadian Students and one for

On Being a Summer Research Student

Most people who want a competitive edge for getting into medical school will dabble with “research.” . As a summer student the most common feeling I had was being confused and overwhelmed. There are so many things you don’t know, so much jargon, so many techniques, so many people. For

"Congratulations! We are pleased to … offer a position to the MD program"

There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it. – Oscar Wilde Everyone reacts to medical school acceptances differently. My parents were overjoyed, smiling and dancing when they first heard I was accepted. My siblings reacted loudly too. My

What are my Chances for getting into Medical School? – A Simple Guide

To help answer all these future questions concerning competitiveness and chances, I have created a medical school admissions flow chart that will help you solve this problem. I present you the official guide to determining and assuring your chances for medical school. I originally created this flow chart for a