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Playing the Waiting Game

For applicants this cycle, the wait is almost over. You have finished or are just completing your last set of exams. Some of you may be taking your last undergraduate class ever. And all that is left is the dreaded countdown till decisions day. There is few I can say

The Road to Medical School [Video]

Getting into medical school is tough work. We often get so caught up with the whole rat race and the plethora of hoops to jump through that we forget to look at the humor and comedy involved. I came upon a video put on by the University of Alberta for

How to Handle a Medical School Rejection Peacefully

Every year, thousands of applicants are rejected from medical school. It may have been you or someone you know. I’m sure everyone can think of someone who had perfect grades, MCAT scores, great extracurriculars, plenty of research and a great personality that was rejected from medical school. This isn’t uncommon.

Playing the Admissions Game

I’ve almost forgotten how neurotic premed students can get. The first year of medical school has its own challenges that make you soon forget about last year’s worries. But with the Canadian medical school interview season in full throttle, the swarms of applicants have begun to show their stress and

On the Other Side of the Fence

It’s medical school interview season yet again and I remember how nervous I felt preparing for my interviews last year. This year, after helping with the admissions and interviews process, I am glad and relieved to be on the other side. Recently while helping some prospective students practice interview questions,

Canadian Medical Schools – MMI vs Traditional Interviews

Sourced from the members on forums is a list of what interview format, whether MMI or traditional interview format, each Canadian Medical School uses for the 2008-2009 cycle.The current trend is to adopt the MMI as the main interview format. All the medical schools in the west have already

Adcom Advice #6 – Quantitative Descriptions Over Qualitative

While marking medical school applications, one reoccurring mistake that many students commit is thinking more is better. Less is more. Less is better. Quality over Quantity always. A few meaningful commitments, excellence in an area of sport, music, leadership, etc., will be scored higher than a laundry list of shallow

Adcom Advice #5 – Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to giving marks for extracurricular activities , quality wins over quantity. A fruitful summer of research with a publication is better than three summers being a lab assistant/tech. A long term commitment to a volunteer organization with significant responsibilities is better than volunteering at three different hospitals.

Adcom Advice #4 – Grades Come First

There are so many factors to consider when reviewing medical school applicants.  You may have heard that volunteering overseas will get you big points, that you must do research, or that a good MCAT score will go a long way. All of these things do play a significant role in

Adcom Advice #3 – Don't Make Excuses

When you fill out your application, you want to put your best foot forward. You want your file to be flawless, free of typos and grammatical mistakes. That is why you must avoid making excuses! You should never make excuses of try to explain your shortcomings. A lot of people