I’m a Canadian Internal Medicine doctor that runs medaholic.com. When I started this blog, I was a medical student with some experience on the admissions committee and interviewing applicants. I was previously an MCAT instructor. I started this blog as a way to help premeds excel, med students survive med school and for others to better understand what a life in medicine is all about.

What is medaholic.com?

I started this blog medaholic in 2008 to document my journey through medicine. Since then it’s evolved into a resource for people interested in succeeding as a premed, studying for the MCAT, understanding medical school admissions, medical school life, residency and being a doctor. Along the way, I try to write down stories and advice I have stumbled upon or have been passed to me.  So whether you’re in high school, premed, medical school or residency and beyond, I hope you find this site useful.

To me personally: I hope I can look back at these posts in the future and still find I have the same ideals and passions for medicine as when I first started.

  • You can find a list of useful articles and posts in the archives
  • My recommended list of favorite books
  • I have a section on the MCAT with some resources. Here’s a tutorial to help self study the MCAT.
  • You can contact me if you have questions (I usually respond within a few days, though it can be weeks if life’s busy)
  • Patient privacy is protected in all my posts. The stories are fictional and but the experiences are real