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A Collection of Medical School and Residency Interview Tips and Advice

Over the next few weeks, I am making it a goal to write down all the interview tips and advice I have gained over the last few years.

There are lots of resources out there on how to ace an interview, books, websites, medical students, residents and even personal coaching. However, I believe I have a unique perspective on the interview process that will be helpful to you.


I’m a senior medical student who has gone through both medical school and residency interviews recently. I have been part of my medical school’s interview committee, which oversaw determining which questions to use and how to score responses. I have been a medical school interviewer in the past and from firsthand experience I can tell you when I see a great applicant or not.

Over the last four years, I have organized interview preparation sessions for hundreds of applicants voluntarily. In order to make these sessions effective, I have poured over dozens of books and articles on what factors make an interview great. I have coached many applicants to success, even those who were quite shy or disorganized at first.

My Goal

I believe medical school interviews and residency interviews are components that you can improve in. I believe preparing and practicing for interviews can make a difference. Over this interview series, I am to build a framework that you can use to prepare for your interviews. I will try to review resources I have found useful and good websites. I might not have all the answers, but I will share with you advice that has worked for me. And I want to make it all freely available to anyone.

I will update this page with new articles. I’m looking forward to finally sharing these thoughts. Stay tuned for updates!


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  1. Idiopathic
    Idiopathic February 26, 2012

    Looking forward to this! Unlike med school admissions, I find there is so little advice on CaRMS matching other than what we hear ‘through the grapevine’ from upper year med students.
    All the best with the upcoming Match Day by the way.

    • medaholic
      medaholic February 27, 2012

      Thanks Idiopathic, I’ll try to write to both premed and med audiences.

  2. Mac
    Mac February 28, 2012

    ditto about the CaRMS comments. what does proper preparation entail? what does the application consist of? what kind of questions are fair game (anything clinical)? how do you impress staff during electives? do you write a thank you after interviews? etc…

    even pre-interview advice would be great.


  3. Medical Student Writers
    Medical Student Writers March 23, 2012

    […] (who recently matched in Internal Medicine!) is creating a great list of resources for Medical School and Residency interviews. I especially appreciated the post on The Number One Question I Got Asked at Every […]

    • zlata
      zlata December 5, 2012

      Hi there,
      Any extra advice for a fellow IMG CARMS Candidate?

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